*  Unrivalled musicality, precise, transparent, spatial and dynamic reproduction of music, 
    powerful, deep bass, exact timing with live-character 

  All electrical digital iputs and digital outputs are transformer-coupled and potential-free, 
   device additional with an optical digital input and a digital output

  Wide range of sampling rate frequency with PLL-synchronisation

  FIR digital filter with constant group delay, digital deemphasis and 
   nearly jitterfree clock synchronisation

  High precision, computer calculated, impulse-, phase- and group delay optimized 
   GIC analog filter with professional class A output stage 

  7 separated and voltage-stabilized power supply circuits for digital and analog sections 

  D/A converter and 2 external 50VA power supplies (digital- and analog sections separated) 
   integrated in heavy, massive, solid high-end-casings with high glossy black acryl fronts 
   and resonance absorbing polished chrome feet

  All input jacks and output jacks are gold plated 

  Every device comes along with "its own" original measuring record of the frequency response, 
   further measuring records are available on request  

Technical features:

The digital input section with professional  transformers 

and a screen shot of the voltage stabilizing section 

Respectively one 50VA torroid transformer for the analog  
and the digital section (integrated in the power supplies)

With device back plate screwed massive gold plated
cinch jacks for durable mechanical stability

Heavy, massive resonance absorbing chrome feet