*  Tight, deep bass, precise, transparent, spatial and dynamic reproduction of music, 
    exact timing with live-character

  Use of professional class A circuits

Circuitry without negative overall feedback

  Adjustment of capacity for MM catridges with high-quality code switches

  Adjustment of resistance for MC catridges with high-quality code switches

  Customisable gain for MC catridges

  Ultra high RIAA precision of +/- 0,15dB

  Noble, high glossy black acryl front, heavy, massive, solid high-end-casing with 
   resonance absorbing polished chrome feet

  All input jacks and output jacks are gold plated

  External plug-in power supply

  Optional external 50VA power supply integrated in heavy, 
   massive, stable high-end-casing with high glossy black acryl front (POWER No.48

  Every device comes along with "its own" original measuring record of the frequency response, 
   further measuring records are available on request  

Technical features:

Adjustment of capacity to MM catridges and adjustment of resistance 
to MC catridges with high-quality code switches, 
passive RIAA equalisation 

With device back plate screwed massive gold plated
cinch jacks for durable mechanical stability

Heavy, massive resonance absorbing chrome feet

as an option available